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Stars of Urmia
Farhad Kalantary

Our past haunts the present. In Iran, we all cannot agree on the contemporaneity of our present; from an outsider’s point of view, the art scene may appear a world within itself, apart from its social context. The truth is that at no point in our history of art, our artists have been closer to the issues that perplex and engage our society, more than today. The contemporary art scene is engaged and conscious of the struggles... Read more >>

Some Links, Some Projections
Anahita Razmi

Ben Puah is an exciting figure in a new breed of contemporary Asian artists who’s made a huge impact with his energy and vision. Ben Puah was born in Singapore in 1976. He studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and LASALLE College of the Arts. He received his BFA with Distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2000. A self-confessed artist of ‘crazy artworks’, Ben creates shocking and powerful works that refuse to fit into the mainstream... Read more >>

Death Call
Mette Juul

As part of the exhibition a book will be assembled, this work will be composed of archival information of the making of the exhibition, as well as being open to information gathered by the spectators and other collaborators. Information on the original action as well as other manifestations of the same or different actions with the same end game: a re-empowerment of the individual in relation to the state apparatus/ To this effect we are here calling for your contribution. Contributions will be accepted in any manifestation that is possible to put down in a piece of paper ( i.e: essays, found, poetry, comments, photo, code, collage, etc…)... Read more >>